Oh Baby!

Oh, we love some babies! From gummy smiles, crazy expressions to the nonstop energy! Every aspect of babies, even the meltdowns are just adorable in our opinion.

That’s why we differ from other photographers – we’re up to the challenge, no time constraints on your portrait session, a sense of humor, patience and the ability to roll with the kid we’re able to fully capture and celebrate your little one’s personality. No matter how off the wall they may be!

Great ages for your baby’s first year of life are around three months when they smile consistently and are able to hold their heads up, 6-9 months when your little babe is sitting and of course, at one year for a cake bashing celebration! We also think there’s noticeable change again at 18 months. After that your baby can be documented every year. Baby portraits are typically photographed in our studio or at your home (depending on seasonal availability) unless the weather is comfortable. Oh hey, we happen to offer a one year package for great savings too!

No need to stress on your wee one’s temperament at the portrait session, we are very accommodating and want to see your baby at their best! Whether that’s at 8:00 a.m. or p.m., whatever, we’ll be available. Should your child get sick or merely have a bad day we’ll happily reschedule or reshoot your portrait session – we want both your baby and you to be happy!

The Lowdown
  • $100.00 session fee for sessions taking place either in our studio or Belleville area location
  • Prints are sold ala carte – no minimums, no packages.
  • Retouching and outfit changes are included, no hidden fees

Expect your session to last 60-90 minutes, depending on how many outfits and what you’d like to accomplish.

Ordering is done online and is ala carte – no pressure, no packages, nothing you don’t need.

On-Location & Studio

For young babies the studio is always a practical alternative, however for truly unique portraits do consider outdoor locations when feasible, depending on your babe’s age.