What does the session fee include?

The session fee includes the time spent being photographed, retouching, and your online gallery. The session fee does not include prints or files. Once you’re ready to order there are no minimums or tricks – you get exactly what you want. Prints start at $25.00, collections at $350.00.

Where is your studio located?

The studio is located at 423 S. 1st St, in Downtown Belleville, just off of 159.

Can I stop by the studio for… fill in the blank…

The studio is primarily for photographing portraits. Studio hours are by appointment only. When I’m not photographing clients the studio is closed and the phone is forwarded to a mobile number so I can speak with you!

When should I schedule my session?

4-6 weeks in advance is advisable. For the fall season, particularly mid October-December you can never schedule early enough, I have waiting lists and clients with yearly standing appointments. No fears – if you’re running late on that call anyway – I sometimes have rescheduling or may be able to squeeze you in. Newborns are always Dinan Photo’s top priority, so if you just had your baby give me a call and I’ll fit you in.

Do you sell the files, a disk, etc?

I’m a full service portrait studio and want to provide you with the best service possible finishing with gorgeous artwork ready to hang and enjoy on your walls. However, I do have a great demand for files. Digital collections start at $475.00.

I’d like a session on a holiday…

Dinan Photo is closed on holidays to be with family and drink martinis as a result – you’d love us on holidays – but not as a photographer! 🙂

What about wedding photography?

Dinan Photo no longer photographs weddings – for the most part. If you’re having an intimate affair, a unique or quirky celebration or a courthouse wedding – yes! Interested! Dinan Photo will provide up to 5 hours of coverage, maximum, at $2000.00 for a few select weddings per year. The days of 14 hour major-deluxe-drama weddings are over for this studio.

How long does it take to see my images?

It takes between 1-3 weeks depending on current calendar. If your session is time sensitive and turnaround is a concern just communicate your needs to me and I’ll take care of you. Once your session is processed and retouched I’ll contact you with the details. Orders are fulfilled within 3-6 business days.

Do you shoot in studio or on location?

Both! Nearly all of my sessions take place either at my studio or within walking distance of it. If you prefer more greenery in your portraits we can arrange to meet at one of my preferred locations for great portraits in nature. Would you like a session outside of Belleville, IL involving considerable drive time? Please schedule your session well in advance, it’s not likely that we can arrange that last minute.

Do you use props?

To an extent I use props in studio. I have great options to work with, but do limit them. I prefer unique custom photography, I want you to have creative and one of a kind results! I do feel that certain props distract from the subject and that elaborate Pinterest setups date VERY quickly and will look pretty cheesy before you know it. If you’d like extensive use of props or enjoy elaborate studio setups – such as artificial forests, magical mushroom stools or castles complete with moat – you’d likely be happier with another studio. I prefer shooting the real thing and don’t invest in that for my studio. For my newborn photography I refuse to hang the baby in precarious positions (aka the ‘stork’ pose that’s popular right now) or in breakable containers – don’t even ask. There are photographers who will provide that service, and I’ll happily refer you to them. Personally, I know it’s safe in the right hands – but worry an inexperienced photographer or someone might try it at home because they’ve seen an image I’ve done; I want no part of that.

We want an outdoor session – what if it rains?

Not a problem! Rest assured, I’ll reschedule your portrait session immediately. During spring time I’ll often offer you a weather backup appointment so you’ll know in advance and can plan accordingly.

Can I include other people in my baby’s newborn session?

Of course! Your newborn will be the primary focus of the session, unless you request otherwise, but parents, siblings and even grandparents are included in your baby’s first photographs.

My child has blemishes – will this be retouched?

Retouching is included with your session fee. Blemishes, scratches, bruises and so on – whether a newborn or high school senior. You’ll look perfect darling! Oddly enough -I’ve often been asked about black eyes – for toddler sessions that have been scheduled (as luck would have it they seem to get them a few days before the long anticipated session) – it’s likely you’ll need to reschedule for that and wait until your little bruiser is all healed up.