Clothing recommendations:

Look over our galleries to get a feel for our style, ideally we’re a perfect match. While we want to capture our subjects personality rather than clothing we understand clothing is always a concern when scheduling your session.

Generally we shoot tighter portraits of the face rather than full length portraits showing minute clothing details. For this reason we want to stress that it’s usually unnecessary to worry about little details.

When going over locations and looks for your shoot we usually have clothing ideas to throw in if we’re trying for a specific look. This is usually discussed during our appointment consultation.

General recommendations:

We like bare feet. Shoes generally distract from the look we’re trying to achieve. Socks are usually a bad idea as they’ll leave marks on the ankles when we eventually ask you to remove your shoes.

For this reason sandals are usually a good bet. For family groups, engagements and urban settings we understand that shoes are sometimes necessary.

Please refrain from wearing white sneakers if possible. For family groups it’s best to have everyone wear the same tone shoes such as a darker color.

Avoid huge logos and licensed characters. This usually doesn’t work for our style of custom portraiture and will date your investment quickly.

For families, groups and engagements it’s not necessary to match but rather to try to complement one another in your clothing choices. Having a single unifying element such as denim can pull your portrait together nicely. Stay within the same tone family, everyone in darker colors or everyone in lighter colors. We have specific recommendations for the seasons- please contact us for info.

We don’t limit clothing changes- but your child might! We suggest bringing 2-3 outfits rather than many outfits. To try different looks without testing your child’s patience consider accessorizing, hats, scarves and coats are a fun way to quickly change a look without tears.


Newborns are in our opinion perfect just the way they are. No clothes, a cloth diaper or diaper cover is plenty.

If you have a special blanket whether a baby blanket or family heirloom quilt, by all means bring it along! This will add a personal touch to your portraits. We also have a huge supply of fabrics and blankets if you don’t.

*Parents, we’ll ask you to wear dark (preferably black long sleeved shirts).

Moms- bring along a tank top for the mother/baby portraits. We also like moms looking totally natural during these shoots, keep it simple! Loose hair, simple makeup, jeans or loose skirts and bare feet. Your hands are an important aspect of this session, while manicures aren’t necessary you’ll want to be aware of this.

Please avoid wearing bulky watches that will distract from the photo or leave an unsightly mark on your wrist.


We tend to mix it up a bit with babies. Again, it’s our personal opinion that elaborate wardrobes are unnecessary for younger babies. There’s nothing cuter than fat rolls and a diaper. Diaper covers are recommended as they’ll cover the unsavory licensed characters most diapers have on them. The simpler, the better. For clothing we generally recommend classics such as onesies. If your baby is able to tolerate hats we think that is an adorable option for headshots.

Toddlers and Kids

What a fun age to document! Have fun and experiment with your little one’s clothing. We love vintage, boutique and thrift store finds, textures, colors, etc. This is the age where your child starts to assert their independence, why not let them help choose? The wackiest combinations make for unique and fun toddlers portraiture.

High School Seniors

They’re your photos! We don’t set clothing limits, but 3-4 changes are typical. Most seniors choose an everyday look, a dressier look, a parents choice and a totally casual look. We say go for whatever makes you happy! Be prepared to get a bit dirty during your on-location shoot. We’ll probably ask you to lie on the ground, step in the dirt, and on and on. Bring comfortable shoes to change into when we’re tromping around wooded areas.


For urban settings we recommend dressier clothing. It’s classic to go with a little black dress and suit, or dress shirt and tie. For natural settings, denim and sweaters are nice. We tend to prefer black shirts as this will reproduce nicely for black and white newspaper announcements. Bring along fresh lipstick or lip gloss as you’ll play kissy face ALOT.


We’ll custom design your look to your specific setting. Please contact us ideas and information.